Greek Nymphs Heliades  

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Greek Nymphs Heliades Image
Ancient sources vary in the number and names of the Heliades--I've gone with the list given by Hyginus in "Fabulae."

The HELIADES (pronounced hel-EE-a-deez) are Greek Nymphs, the seven daughters of Helios, God of the sun, and the Okeanid Klymene. Helios and Klymene also had a son, Phaethon, who begged his father to let him drive his sun chariot. When Helios reluctantly agreed, Phaethon lost control of the horses and drove too close to the earth, scorching it. Zeus struck him down with a thunderbolt to stop the destruction, and Phaethon fell to his death in the River Eridanos. His sisters, the Heliades, gathered there to mourn him, where Zeus turned them into poplar trees. The trees cry still, in golden drops of sap that turn to amber when they fall. The names of the seven Heliades are AETHERIE (also seen as AETHRIA; means "clear sky"), AIGLE (also seen as AEGLE; means "radiant"), DIOXIPPE (means "horse-driving"), HELIE (also seen as HELIA; means "of the sun"), LAMPETIE (also seen as LAMPETIA; means "shining"), MEROPE (means "face-turned"), and PHOIBE (also seen as PHOEBE; means "bright").

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Goddess Watamaraka  

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Goddess Watamaraka Image
WATAMARAKA is the Zulu Goddess of evil. She once placed a curse on the Goddess Marimba so that none of her husbands would live longer than three months after marrying her. Watamaraka lives in the Land of Darkness and mated with Burumatara, a beast resembling a cross between a bull and a crocodile but as large as an elephant, to produce all of the demons. When she is called to the Temple of Evil, a flash of lightning and a clap of thunder precede her appearance. Watamaraka is described as being bronze or golden in appearance.

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