Goddess Masaya  

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MASAYA is the Nicaraguan Goddess of volcanoes. She lives in the Underworld with Mictanteot, the God of the Underworld, and receives the souls of evil people when they die. Masaya is depicted as an old crone with black skin, drooping breasts, and white wispy hair, similar to the gases that rise from the volcano in Nicaragua that is named for her. The Chorotega people used to sacrifice virgins by throwing them into the volcano, hoping that the Goddess would provide divine oracles in return for the sacrifice. Masaya's name means "burning mountain."

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Goddess Kebehwet  

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Goddess Kebehwet Image
KEBEHWET is an Egyptian serpent Goddess. She is the daughter of Anubis, the God of the dead, and played a role in funerary rites. Kebehwet poured water on the heart of the deceased to refresh and purify it. This practice was at first only identified with kings, but was eventually extended to all people.

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