Goddess Sheela Na Gig  

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Goddess Sheela Na Gig Image
SHEELA NA GIG (pronounced SHEE-lah-na-geeg) is a Celtic Goddess of fertility and rebirth. Her prominent display of her genitals has been interpreted in many ways; she is associated with sex and fertility, but several of her representations have the sagging breasts of a crone or no breasts at all. She is said to protect against evil; sheelas are often found above doors and windows, even on churches, because it was believed that the Devil was afraid of the sight of a woman's privates. Perhaps her most enduring interpretation is as the Earth Mother, ruler over life, death, and rebirth--she represents the gateway through which we all must pass and through which we will all return. Alternate spellings of her name include SILE NA GCIOCH (Sheela of the breasts), SILE NA GIOB (Sheela on her hunkers), SHEELA NY GIGG, SILE NI GHIG, SHILA NA GIGH, SHELA NA GIG, SHEELA NA JIG, SEELA NA GIG, SHEILA NA GIG, SHEELA NA GICH, SELA NA GEICH, SHEELA NA GUIRA, SILE NI GUIRE, SILE NI DHUIBHIR, SILEADH NA GCIOCH, and SHEE LENA GIG (fairy with her vagina).

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