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The goddess Hekate was one of the most significant dieties of the ancient world. Her history stretches back across the millenia. We find traces of her in the recent past, through into the Renaissance - stretching back through the Byzantine and Roman Empires, Hellenistic, Classical and Archaic Greece through into the Greek Dark Ages - and beyond. Hekate has been with us for at least three thousand years.

She was a liminal goddess who was present at all the boundaries and transitional moments in life. She was also an 'evil-averting' protector and guide. Her triple form emphasized her power over the three realms, these being the heavens, sea, and earth. Her primal nature was seen in the many animal heads she was depicted with, each emphasising different qualities of her manifold character.

Some of her well known titles include:

* "- earthy one
"- torch bearer
* "- of the ways
"- key bearer
* "- child's nurse
"- light bearer
* "- companion
"- before the gate
* "- savior
"- three bodied
* "- of the three ways

Symbols, herbs stones and other correspondences associated with Hekate:

" ewe lambs, Boar, Bull, Cock, Cow, Dogs, Fish, Goats, Horses, Lions, Mice, Mullet (fish), Polecat, Rams, Serpents, Wolf
* COLORS", Red, White, Yellow
* MINERALS", Gold, Loadstone, Meteorite, "* PLANTS AND HERBS", Belladonna, Garlic, Aconite, Onion, Poppy, Saffron, Grain,
* TREES", Oak (leaves), Willow, "* FOOD", Honey, Amphiphon "(a cheesecake with lighted candles stuck into it)
", Keys, Horned Crescent, Pegasus, New Moon, Three-Way Crossroads, Trident, Twin "Sources: Keys to the Crossroads and Hekate Liminal Rites by Sorita E'Este

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