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Goddess Lakshmi,exists in the 8 forms, Ashta Lakshmi,granting boons to the devotees,who pray her.

Goddess Lakshmi follows Lord Vishnu in his incarnations.Lord Narasimha was very angry even after Demon Hiranyakashipan is killed.The Goddess Lakshmi makes Lord Narasimha calm saying that his devotee Prahlada is out of problems.Praying Lord Lakshmi Narasimha,gets the grace of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha. People pray Goddess Lakshmi for fortune,etc.They even pray by Lakshmi Yantra,which gives the fortune to the devotee. People pray Goddess Lakshmi by doing japa.

By performing Varalakshmi Vratha,the grace of Goddess Lakshmi can be obtained.

Pray to Goddess Lakshmi:

Pray Godess Lakshmi.The godess of purity,fortune,goodness,etc.
Pray Godess Lakshmi,for fortune,luck , strength etc.


By Sheela.Nagaraju.

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