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There was a great devotee of Lord Narayana named VishnuChittar or Periyalwar.He has a tulsi garden,he would work very hard to maintain that garden,untill he gets burns on his hands and legs.And would make a tulsi garland and would give to Lord Vishnu at SriVilliputtur.Once he found a child in the garden and named her as godai or Andal.He used to take very much care to the child.She has written Tiruppavai and Naachiyaar Thirumozhi.Daily she would wore the tulsi garland and see how it will looks for Lord Krishna and put the garland in the basket.One day periyalwar saw a single hair of the andal on the garland and found that she has wore the garland and he had not offered the garland to Lord Vishnu.

On that day Lord Vishnu had appeared in the dreams of VishnuChittar and said that the garland wore by andal is most dearest to him. And Lord Ranganather appeared in the dream of VishnuChittar and asked to bring Andal to Sri Ranganather at SriRangam to marry her.And Godess Andal became the wife of Lord Ranganather.

By Sheela.Nagaraju.

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