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Camulus Cover
Camulus or Camulos was a theonym for a god whom the Romans equated with Mars by interpretatio romana. He was an important god of early Britain and Gaul, especially among the Belgae and the Remi, a Gaulish tribe who lived in the area of modern Belgium. At Rindern, France, he was cited as Mars-Camulos on a stone with a corona of oak. Elsewhere he was portrayed with a ram-horned head. Evidence of his popularity can be seen in several place-names notably Camulodunum. Attempts to link him with the nursery character Old King Cole and Fionn's father Cumhall have been rejected by contemporary learned commentators The town Camulodunum in Essex may have been named after him. Cotterell claimed that this was the basis for the legendary city Camelot. Cunobelinus, Shakespeare's Cymbeline, a chief of the Catuvellauni who was called Britannorum rex by the Roman historian Suetonius, made Camulodunum his capital after defeating the local Trinobantes. He established a mint there, and coins bearing his head are still found occasionally in the area. After his death around AD 42, his sons fell out with Rome and gave the emperor Claudius an excuse to try to place Britain under Roman rule.

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