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YAMUNA is the Hindu Goddess of the river Yamuna. She is the daughter of Surya, the sun God, and his wife Saranya, Goddess of the dawn and clouds. Surya and Saranya had three children--Yamuna, her twin brother Yama, and another son named Manu. Saranya could not stand the intense nature of her husband and decided to divorce him, leaving her shadow, Chaaya, as her children's step-mother. Chaaya had a son of her own with Surya, and ignored the other children. This made Yama very angry, and he threatened Chaaya. Chaaya in turn cursed Yama and even his father could not save him from the curse. He became the God of death, leaving his family to rule over the underworld. Yamuna was devastated by the loss of her brother, and she wept and wept. Her tears became the river Yamuna, and it is said that anyone who bathes in the river will be spared a painful death. Yamuna is also known as YAMI, JAMUNAJI, and YAMINI, which means "night" in Sanskrit.

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