Contemplate The Mysteries Of Death With Baba Yaga  

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Contemplate The Mysteries Of Death With Baba Yaga Cover
Baba Yaga is the Russian spirit who rules the conjunction of magic and harsh reality, of limits and possibilites. This Death Spirit provides fertility when she chooses, but she also consumes those who disappoint her.

Baba Yaga, iron-toothed and boney-legged, wears a neclace of human skulls; her ome is surrounded by a fence crafted from human bones. She offers comprehension, not comfort.

Like her compatriot spirits, Kali and La Santisima Muerte, Baba Yaga encompasses all the mysteries of life and death; contemplate her in order to begin to comprehend these mysteries. This spell doesn't suggest contacting her (the Baba has little patience; don't waste her time without good reason), but this kind of magical contemplation instead.

* Build an altar featuring birch wood and leaves, animal imagery, a mortar, pestle and broom, and "food and drink. Baba Yaga is always voraciously hungry. Offer her real food or cut out photo images for the altar. She is especially fond of Russian extravagances like coulibiac. Offer her a samovar with blocks of fine Russian caravan tea and perhaps a water pipe.

* Sit with the altar, gaze at it from different angles, play with the objects and see what comes to mind" Encyclopedia of 5000 "

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