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Mokosh Cover
MOKOSH- ("Mati Syra Zemlya" Moist Mother Earth). Goddess of the Earth. Her improvements help your infantry.Wonder Grove of flowering trees, repels GPs goddess of midwifery, fertility and domestic wealth. She guards barns, cowsheds, sheep-pens and stables, and gives the food and the clothes of family; takes care for the family's welfare, provides for the house and its occupants. Mokosh has been represented as long-haired young woman with a horn in her right hand, which is an obvious parallel of the pan-Aryan idea about "the Horn of plenty".

She spins flax and wool at night, shears sheep, & also spins the web of life and death. She wanders during Lent disguised as a woman, visiting houses and doing housework; at night strands of fleece are laid beside the stoves for her. She may have originally been a house spirit concerned with women's work. Eventually, her worship was transmuted to the modern widespread reverence for Mother Russia.

She is portrayed with uplifted hands, flanked by two horsemen. She became St. Paraskeva, whose long hair hangs loosely, and whose icon is decorated with flax and birch. One prayer involves going to the fields at dawn in August with jars filled with hemp oil, which is poured out after each invocation, and finally, the jar is shattered on the ground.

Wife of Svarog; Slavic equivalent of the widespread sacral marriage idea between Earth goddess and Sky god. There are obvious parallels with the Hellenic Gaia & the Nordic Jord, whose names both mean "Earth".

Bonus Unit-Polevik-field spirits that appear as a deformed dwarfs with different coloured eyes and grass instead of hair. They appear either at noon or sunset and wear either all black or all white suits., 2x better hunter & farmer.

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