Lord Matsya  

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Lord Matsya Cover
Lord Vishnu incarnates as Lord Matsya,at the end of each manvantara.

Once upon a time there was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu,King Satyavrata.He is a very great and vigorous devotee of Lord Vishnu.He used to perform all the vedic rituals and customs,and has done tapas.Once during his sandyavandanam,when he was at the river,a fish was into the hand of King Satyavrata.The fish was asking the king to save it from the larger fishes which r in the river.So the king took it in his kamandala,when he returned to his kingdom,the fish enlarged itself,asking the king to provide a more spacious one.So it began enlarging itself as big as an ocean,so the king has recognised that itself is the very great Lord,and prayed.So the Lord Matsya,has saved King Satyavrata for his great devotion from the flood which is going to destroy whole universe.King Satyavrata protected the seeds of all creatures on a boat for the next age,on the boat from the flood.

Lord Matsya, at a manvantara has saved vedas from a Demon and restored vedas to Lord Brahma.

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