Invocation To Artemis  

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Invocation To Artemis Cover
" Artemis" from Manna. " me"' daughter" queen" and Titanis" a noble mien" darts rejoicing" on all to shine"-bearing Goddess" divine. " births presiding" thyself a maid" labour pangs imparting ready aid" of the zone" wrinkled care" huntress" in the sylvan war" in the course" dreadful arrows skilled" by night" in the field" manly form" bounteous mind" Daimon" of humankind" of monsters fell"'tis thine" maid" woody mounts to dwell" of the stag" woods and dogs delight" endless youth you flourish fair and bright" universal queen" various form" power" thine. " guardian Goddess" benignant mind" come" mystic rites inclined;" earth a store of beauteous fruits to bear" gentle peace" health with lovely hair" to the mountains drive disease and care.

~Orphic Hymn 36

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