Goddess Jurate  

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JURATE (pronounced YOU-rah-the) is the Lithuanian Goddess of the sea. She lived in a beautiful castle made of amber at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. One day, she learned that a fisherman, Kastytis, was catching her fish and taking them out of the sea. She went to his boat, prepared to yell at him, but he was so handsome that she fell in love with him. Jurate went every day to see her young fisherman, until Perkunas, the God of Thunder, found out about her relationship with a mortal. In a jealous rage, he sent a thunderbolt to shatter Jurate's castle, and had Kastytis chained to a rock at the bottom of the sea, where he drowned. To this day, when there is thunder over the Baltic Sea, you can still hear Kastytis' cries, and find pieces of Jurate's broken amber castle along the shore. Her name is also seen as JURATA and JURASMAT.

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