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ADONIS: Greek; consort of Aphrodite. Also another name for Lord. In Phoenician, his counterpart is Astarte. A vegetation God. Roman counterpart is Venus.

ANUBIS: Egyptian; guardian of Isis. Jackal headed God of Protection. Call on him to protect both home and person.

APOLLO: Greek and Roman; twin brother or Artemis. God of the Sun, Light and the Arts.

APSU: Babylonian, is mate is Tiamat.

CERNUNNOS: Celtic; Horned God and consort of the Lady. Also Kernunnos.

EROS: Greek; God of Romance and Passionate Love.

HORUS: Egyptian; Head of a falcon and body of a man. God of the all-seeing eye and healing.

HYMEN: Greek; God of Marriage and Commitment. His counterpart is Dionysus.

LUCIFER: Italian; soulmate and brother of Diana. Father of Aradia. God of the Sun and Light.

MITHRA: Persian; Sun God and bringer of light. A soldier's God.

ODIN: Scandinavian; counterpart of Freya. This is the God who hung on the Tree of Yggdrasil to obtain second sight. His familiars are the Raven and the Wolf. In his youth he is depicted as a terrible God and in his old age, as a God of wisdom and psychic sight.

OSIRIS: Egyptian; counterpart of Isis, Overall God form including vegetation and afterlife.

PAN: Greek; God of Nature and the Woods, Laughter and Passion. Also music and personal abandon.

POSEIDON: Greek; God of the Sea. His familiars are dolphins and horses.

PTAH: Egyptian; expert craftsman and designer. God of Creative Enterprise with the hands.

SHIVA: Hindu; consort of Kali. God of the Universal Cycle of birth, death, rebirth. Shiva can be both kind and terrible.

THOR: Scandinavian; God of Sky and Thunder. A kindly God of the common people including farmers and sailors.

THOTH: Egyptian; God of Reincarnation. Also a Moon God and favorable to science and wisdom.

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