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In Lords incarnation as Lord Koorma,the most dearest and beautifull form,Lord Koorma as a very huge tortoise form.Lord has came up by putting the Mandara Mountains in his back,and saved the demi gods and asuras to churn the mandara mountains in the milky ocean.

At a time,the devas became powerless and indra lost his simhasana,and were very fearfull of asuras who r powerfull.All the devas including indra went to Lord Vishnu,prayed him,Oh Lord of cosmic evolution,ur the head of all gods,all the devas r dependant on u,prayed to help them against asuras.Lord Vishnu gave a suggestion that to get out from the problem completely,they need to get amruta,which can be obtained by churning the Mandara mountains in the milk of ocean,where the Mandara mountains as the churn stick and king of snakes vasuki as a rope,for that they need to gather the forces from the asuras and as well as devas,asuras accepting for gathering the forces to get amruta.Garuda has lifted the mountain Mandara to the milk ocean.Devas said that they would catch head for churning,as asuras thought catching tail was shamefull,asuras caught the head where they couldn't recognise that powerfull fumes of poison evolves from mouth of vasuki,and devas very intelligently catched tail of the snake for churning the mountain Mandara.

The mountain Mandara began to sink in the milky ocean,the devas and asuras were unhappy,that the mountain Mandara was sinked and prayed for help of Lord Vishnu.Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord Koorma a huge tortoise,and went into Milky Ocean and has put the Mountain Mandara at his back and had come up.So that the devas and asuras were happy and started churning the Milky Ocean,and were nolonger could not churn,and recognising this,Lord Vishnu being at the top of mountain churned the Milky Ocean,and as all the dissoluted impurities came as HalaHala,a poison from the ocean.This time the devas and asuras had seeked the help from Lord Shiva,to save from the very powerfull poison HalaHala coming out of Milky Ocean,and Lord Shiva has swallowed the poison,and devas and asuras started churning and many precious and valuables r coming out of Milky Ocean.Goddess Lakshmi had come out of milky ocean and had been taken place in the heart of Lord Vishnu,and at last the amruta in a vessel has come out,so the asuras thinking that amruta will not be given to them and took the vessel and went away.

So Lord Vishnu has incarnated as a Mohini a very beautifull female,asuras being attracted by Mohini's beautiness and she had given a sign to asuras and taken the amruta vessel and she had told that she would distribute the amruta to devas and asuras,and Mohini has given the amruta to devas and Rahu being an asura joined in devas and Lord Vishnu recognising it,has removed his head before the amruta goes into his neck by his very powerfull weapon sudarshana chakra,and asuras unhappily returned back.By the most beautifull form as Lord Koorma,is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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