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Piltzintecuhtli Cover
In Aztec mythology, Piltzintecuhtli was a god of the rising sun, healing, and visions, associated with Tonatiuh. The name means "the Young Prince". It may have been another name for Tonatiuh, but he is also mentioned as a possibly unique individual, the husband of Xochiquetzal. He was the lord of the third hour of the night. Piltzintecuhtli was said to be the son of Oxomoco and Cipactonal (the first man and woman that were created) and was seen as a protector of children. He was identified as the Youthful Sun. Known also as "7 Flower," he was also a god of hallucinatory plants, including mushrooms. He was considered the father of Centeotl, a deity who was sacrificed in order to bring forth plants.

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