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With the dark season of winter, many of us are reminded of death...which doesn't necessarily mean the actual loss of life. Death can also be symbolic of the shedding of old, the destructive influences which are not longer necessary. This time of cold, darkness, and changes connects us to Baba Yaga.

Baba Yaga is actually one of my favorites, and I have been waiting patiently for the opportunity to write about Her. She is a Slavic Goddess, and She is the Old Crone who guards the Waters of Life and Death. "Baba "means "old woman" and "Yaga "means hag. She is the mentor of old age and of the life cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. She sings as she sprinkles corpses with the Water of Life to let them be reborn.

There are many folk tales and fairy tales which have been written about Her. In some of these tales, we find Her as a kindly old woman, but in most She appears as a wicked, old hag with an appetite for children. Legend has it that She has a hut in the deepest and darkest section of the forest. They say it moves on chicken legs which move with the changes in the seasons. The hut is also surrounded by human bones.They also say that She rides in a mortar which She rows with a pestle.

Yes, Baba Yaga can appear pretty scary, but don't all the dark goddesses seem that way until we get to know them, for as terrifying as it may be to face Her, She is here to force us to examine our soul and to be forever transformed. Whenever we experience the darkness, She forces us to see our true and darkest selves and then grants us the deep wisdom that we have attained by accepting the dark shadows within ourselves.


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