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Tonacatecuhtli Cover
In Aztec mythology, Tonacatecuhtli ("the being at the center") was a fertility god. He organized the world into land and ocean at the creation of the world. Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl were the creators of the life, but he created them and the planet. He turned Chantico into a dog for violating a fast and eating paprika with roasted fish. His wife was Tonacacihuatl. Tonacatecuhtli, Lord of Our Sustenance, is a primordial creator god, a god of fertility and beginnings. Tonacatecuhtli is the being at the "center" of existence, a place around which everything revolves but where everything is still and at rest.

With his wife, Tonacacihuatl, he resides in the uppermost heaven, Omeyocan, "Place of Duality". Tonacatecuhtli is sometimes associated with Ometeotl (Lord of Duality). In the tonalpohualli, Tonacatecuhtli rules over day Cipactli (crocodile).

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