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SOPDET is the Egyptian Goddess of Sirius, the Dog Star. She was also a Goddess of fertility, because the appearance of Sirius in the sky at dawn marked the beginning of the annual Nile floods, and therefore the beginning of the agricultural year. Sopdet was said to be the wife of Sahu, God of the constellation we know as Orion, and mother of Sopdu, God of the planet Venus. As the Orion constellation and its God became associated with the God Osiris, Sopdet, as his wife, became associated with Osiris's wife, Isis. She is usually depicted as a woman wearing a tall crown with upswept horns at the sides and a five-pointed star on top. In later years, especially after her identification with Isis, she was often shown riding on a large dog. Sopdet's name, which means "she who is skilled," is also seen as SEPDET and SOTHIS (the Greek version of her name), and the epithets BRINGER OF THE NEW YEAR and BRINGER OF THE NILE FLOOD were associated with her.

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