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Svetovit Image
Svetovit is a supreme god. Among Western Slavs he was probably worshipped on equal terms with Perun and Svarog, but his warlike solar features bring him closer to Dazhdbog. Svetovit was surely considered a master of justice and fertility. In his left hand he holds a huge bull's horn, filled up with wine, and in his right hand - a sword. I.e. with one hand he endows abundance and with the other he punishes and defends - typical superior gods' characteristics. Svetovid had four separate necked heads, looking towards the four world directions, i.e. he sees everything, so he can bring justice to everybody and guard against evil forces. In medieval Slavic town of Arcona, on the Baltic island Ruegen, there was a splendid temple of Svetovit, where Slavs kept sacred white horses. People believed that Svetovit rode a horse at night and fought enemy tribes.

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