The Yomotsu Shikome  

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The YOMOTSU-SHIKOME are Japanese demons of the underworld (Yomi). When the God Izanagi ran away from his wife, the Goddess Izanami, in the underworld, she sent the Yomotsu-shikome to chase him. Izanagi managed to escape them, first by throwing down his headdress which turned into grapes that the Yomotsu-shikome stopped to eat. When they returned to their pursuit, Izanagi threw down a comb which turned into bamboo shoots, and the Yomotsu-shikome again stopped to eat. They were catching up to Izanagi a third time when he urinated against a tree and created a river that stopped them from following. The Yomotsu-shikome, whose name means "ugly women of Yomi," are also known as YOMOTSU-HISAME, meaning "hags of Yomi."

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