Rawhead And Bloody Bones Aka Rawhead  

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Rawhead And Bloody Bones Aka Rawhead Cover
For a supposedly made up creature thousands of children have feared him and still do. Said to be as tall as a two story building, he is a terror to behold. His raw head is flayed open and often looks more like a boar's head than a human one. Or sometimes you can see the bloody veins with no skin at all.

His bloody bones are thick and massive. They need covering just like his head you see. And it needs to be very young and tender flesh to cover him. Otherwise he is sore and in a worse temper than usual. Bad children can expect a raw bloody hand to smash through a window. Or perhaps from underneath the bed. He is so very clever. And magical. He'll always find a way in.

There's no escape from him and adults somehow always know about children who went missing. Of course he serves a useful purpose. Scared children do not wander outside at night where very real danger exists. They are also wary of strangers as Rawhead is not above appearing as a human. He is the more acceptable face of death that masks the real horrors of the world.

At the risk of dating myself, he reminds me a lot of Rawhead Rex.

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