Goddess Palden Lhamo  

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Goddess Palden Lhamo Cover
Palden Lhamo is the only female protector of the faith (Dharmapala). Even though her Sanskrit name is Shridevi, she is conceptually more closer to the wrathful Hindu goddesses Kali or Chamunda.

Goddess Palden Lhamo is distinguished by her extraordinarily macabre features and mule mount, whom she rides sideways. She is patron deity of the city of Lhasa, and also the chief protector of the Gelukpa sect and the Dalai Lama.

Her mule glides over a lake ringed over with craggy mountains. In all probability, this is the Lhamo Latso lake, situated about ninety miles from Lhasa, where Palden Lhamo is supposed to appear.

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