Godfather Death  

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Godfather Death Cover
Seen in many forms, death here becomes a godfather, after both God and the devil are refused. He offers no riches until after the bond is made, which stands out from both God and Satan offering things first. Incidentally, how wise is the man if he can't tell God, Satan or Death by looking at them?

Well death becomes a very doting and loving godfather. He shows his godson a herb that he can say will cure anything. The real trick is whether or not death is at the sick person's feet. If death is there his godson must say the person will die and not apply the herb.

The godson ends up tricking his godfather twice, one time too many. He is taken by death himself to see his guttering candle. Despite his godson's pleas, death only pretends to give him a new candle, using it to snuff out the old one.

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