Nammu Primordial Mother Of The Watery Deep  

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"NAMMU" is the Primordial Mother of the watery deep; She is the Sea Goddess who personifies the sweet fertile waters of life. "Nammu" is the earliest of the Sumerian Goddesses, the Creatrix who existed before all else, and according to Sumerian scripture, it was SHE who rose from the watery abyss and "GAVE BIRTH TO HEAVEN AND EARTH". She was a Goddess without a spouse, the self-creating womb of the Universe. The Mother of all mortal life, it was "Nammu" who created humans from molded clay long before Genesis was ever written. "Nammu "is the life-giving waters that sustain humanity as well as the gods.

SHE IS AS timeless as life itself, as old as the beginning of religious consciousness, this the mother of the gods. She is attended by seven goddesses who act as Her handmaidens. She created the Sky god, "An", and the Earth Goddess "Ki. "The offspring of "An "and "Ki "made all the plants and animals. "Nammu " is also the mother of "Enki" and of "Ereshkigal", the Goddess of the Underworld. Her high status corresponded to the reverence held towards women in Sumerian society. Eventually, She lost Her powers as Goddess of the Sea when they were turned over to the male deity, "Enki"..".a bit of early patriarchal rivalry while still in the days of matrilineal rule.

Nevertheless, it appears that this Goddess was still worshipped well into the third millennium B.C. as evidenced by the naming of the royal city, "Ur Nammu" where statues were commissioned in Her honor.

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