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Dyeus Cover
*Dyeus (also *Dyeus Phiter) is the reconstructed chief deity of the Proto-Indo-European pantheon. He was the god of the daylight sky, and his position may have mirrored the position of the patriarch or monarch in society. Later gods who are etymologically connected with Dyeus include: Dyeus group: Greek Zeus Roman Iuppiter Vedic Dyau Pitar possibly Dionysos, and Thracian Sabazios (from Saba Zeus?) Rooted in the related but distinct Indo-European word *deiwos is the Latin word for deity, deus. The Latin word is also continued in English divine, deity, and the original Germanic word remains visible in Tuesday (originally "Day of Tiwaz"). Deiwos group: Germanic Tiwaz (later known as Tyr) Latin Deus Indo-Iranian Deva/Daeva Baltic Dievas Celtic mythology e.g. Welsh Duw (cf. dydd/diwrnod) Dyeus was addressed as Dyeu Ph2ter, literally "Sky Father" or "shining father", as reflected in Latin Jupiter, Dispater and deus pater, Greek Zeu pater, Sanskrit Dy`aup'ita or DyausPitrah. In his aspect as a father god, his consort was Pltwih2 Mh2ter, "Earth Mother". As the pantheons of the individual mythologies related to the Proto-Indo-European religion evolved, attributes of Dyeus were sometimes redistributed to other, newer deities. In Greek and Roman mythology, Dyeus remained the chief god, while in Vedic mythology, the etymological continuant of Dyeus became a very abstract god, and his original attributes, and his dominance over other gods, were transferred to gods whose names can or cannot be traced to Proto-Indo-European.

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