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Veles Cover
VELES God of livestock & the afterlife. Veles, Volos, Weles, or Voloh. , associated with dragons, cattle, magic, music, poetry, wealth and trickery. He is believed to have survived from the time of a common Indo-European pantheon. He was also a god of trade and oaths were sworn in his name.. He was later associated with St. Blas, guardian of cattle. At Kiev, his statue was not among those on the hill outside the palace but was instead, erected in the marketplace. This is supposedly because he and Perun are great enemies and couldn’t be worshipped together.

Veles inhabits the Underworld and in this connection is also the god of the dead, but he symbolises more philosophical aspects of Death - in its property as a reincarnation step, a result of the life cycle's movement.

The Slavs believed the underworld to be an ever-green world of eternal spring and wet, grassy plains. In the mythical geography of ancient Slavs, the land of dead was assumed to lie across the sea, where migrating birds would fly every winter.

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