La Loba The Woman Wolf  

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An old woman still lives among the broken slopes of the mountains in the land of the Tarahumara Indians. No one knows exactly where, though. She is sometimes seen standing along the highway near El Pasa, hauling wood, or hitching a ride. She is called "the bone woman,, La Loba. "She is the Earth Mother who wanders the earth collecting bones", "especially the bones of wolves. Legend has it that when She has collected enough bones to make a whole wolf, She begins to sing over the skeleton...and as She sings, the wolf begins to grow flesh and fur. And, the longer She sings, the stronger the wolf becomes; then it begins to breathe. Lo Loba keeps on singing, and the wolf leaps up and races off. And when a ray of light from the sun, or from the moon, strikes the wolf at just the right time and place, it becomes a woman, a laughing woman...and if you look closely, you may even be able to see Her running towards the horizon.

This is a powerful story which connects us to our true essence of being women...healers... a tale of shapeshifting and the power of breath. It serves as a reminder that we, as women, can step into our own inner strength to create and dream our dreams into being at any given moment. It speaks to us of "presence", of allowing us to choose life. Lo Loba is the guardian of the female instinct, of female traditions. She is urging us to change for our own good as well as for those of our descendants.

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