Goddess Uhamiri  

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UHAMIRI is the Ibo Goddess of the lake Oguta in Nigeria. She is one of the Mami Wata, water spirits known throughout western and central Africa. Uhamiri, like most of the Mami Wata, is usually represented as either a mermaid or a very beautiful woman. She has long black hair that she combs with a golden comb. Although the Mami Wata appear as women, their beauty shows them to be more than mortal: they have hair longer, darker, and finer than mortal women, and their jewelry is so bright that it can blind the viewer. Uhamiri brings health and well-being to her followers, but it often comes with a price. To women who seek her, she will bring either fertility or beauty and wealth, but not both. When she appears to a man, she may ask him to promise to be faithful to her. If he is, she will bring him wealth and prominence. If he betrays her, she will take away everything he has worked for and leave him broken.

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