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Kuan Yin is one of the most universally beloved of all of the Chinese Deities. Her name is short for Kuan Shih Yin which means "Observing the Sounds of the World", and as the Bodhisatva of Compassion, She hears the cries of all beings. She is the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness and enjoys a strong resemblance to the Christian Mary and Tibetan goddess Tara. We see Kuan Yin as a beautiful, white-robed woman wearing necklaces of royalty, and in many images, She is depicted as carrying the pearls of illumination which had been granted her by the creatures of the Mother's Sea. In her right hand, She may be holding a jar containing the waters of life or may be pouring the healing waters from a vase. In Her left hand, She carries a Willow Branch to sweep away illness. Other times, She may be represented as a many armed figure with each arm containing a different cosmic emblem...including a lotus flower which signifies purity and grace.

There are numerous legends and myths surrounding Her. In one myth, She is the daughter of a cruel father who was trying to force Her to marry a wealthy man She did not love. She begged and pleaded with Her father to allow Her to enter a temple and dedicate Her life to serving the people. Her father allowed this, but made a secret pact with the monks to make life in the temple so difficult, that she would quickly become discouraged. As a result, She was forced to work both day and night while the others slept. But, Kwan Yin was such a compassionate goddess that she forgave the monks. The animals saw this and began aiding Her in Her chores. She finally had found joy in Her sanctuary.

But, Her father became enraged and attempted to burn the temple down. Kwan Yin put out the fire with Her bare hands and suffered no burns. Her father then ordered Her put to death. Upon Her death, Her lifeless body was taken to the land of the dead on the back of a beautiful white tiger where She was made into a Goddess for all of Her kindnesses and granted a place in heaven. But, She was unable to drown out the voices of those who were suffering and begged to be able to return to Earth to offer Her assistance to all those who cried out in pain. She returned to the Earth where She found a home on an island in the Northeastern Sea, a place of solitude and peace where She could chant for both the living and the dead and bring to those who prayed for Her song and comfort until all the suffering on Earth had ended.

She can help us during extreme pain and suffering as She is believed to listen to every cry. Indeed, the treason that She stays on Earth is to alleviate human ill health. She is also invited to help gain the knowledge and education needed to enhance our physical prowess. She is associated with sound and is referred to as the melodious voice which links music and voice as a healing meditation. And, by meditating on the qualities of Kwan Yin which can be found within each of us, we can cultivate both compassion and a deep sense of service.

Kwan Yin Meditation

Get into a comfortable position and close your eyes. Allow your breathing to become deeper as your body and mind begin to relax. Imagine that it is darkness, night time and that you are sitting atop of a hill and gazing out over the ocean. The full moon has just come up over the horizon, and the moonlight shimmers on the water. You sit gazing at the moon for a long time; it is powerful, but it is also soft and just watching it makes you feel calm and happy.

Now, the moon appears to be getting brighter.....and brighter....and brighter...until it is so bright that you can barely look at it. And oh so gradually, you realize that the moon is Kwan Yin Herself; Her entire body appears to be surrounded by a luminous cloud. She stands on a lotus that is floating on the waves. She smiles when She sees you, and you notice that there are tears of happiness in Her eyes. Imagine, now, that Her radiance is filling you. You feel Her strength and Her compassion becoming a part of you. As you repeat Her name, you begin to feel calm...oh so calm.

Finally, when it is time for Her to leave, She appears to be getting smaller....and smaller...and smaller...until the sea and the sky appear to vanish as well...leaving you to rest in contemplation of the beautiful, empty space that She has left. Allow yourself to become a part of that space. Then, when you are ready, come back into your body and stretch...slowly. Open your eyes now; look at the world around you; notice any changes in your feelings, your emotions.

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