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"Artemis Khryselakatos (with shafts of gold) loves archery and the slaying of wild beasts in the mountains, the lyre also and dancing and strong-voiced song and shady woods and the cities of upright men."

~Homeric Hymn

According to the Homeric Hymn to Artemis, she had golden bow and arrows, as her epithet was "of the Golden Shaft", and "(Showered by Arrows). The arrows of Artemis could also to bring sudden death and disease to girls and women. Artemis got her bow and arrow for the first time from as the one she asked from her father. The bow of Artemis also became the witness of Callisto's oath of her virginity. In later cult, the bow became the symbol of waxing moon.

Artemis' chariot was made of gold and was pulled by four golden horned deer ( Elaphoi Khrysokeroi). The bridles of her chariot were also made of gold.

Deer were the only animals held sacred to Artemis herself. On seeing a deer larger than a bull with horns shining, she fell in love with these creatures and held them sacred. Deer were also the first animals she captured. She caught five golden horned deer called and harnessed them to her chariot. To catch the alive was the third labour of Heracles commanded by "Heracles begged Artemis for forgiveness and promised to return it alive. Artemis forgave him but targeted "for her wrath.

Artemis got her hunting dogs from Pan in the forest of Arcadia. Pan gave Artemis two black-and-white dogs, three reddish ones, and one spotted one - these dogs were able to hunt even lions. Pan also gave Atemis seven bitches of the finest Arcadian race. However, Artemis only ever brought seven dogs hunting with her at any one time.

The boar is one of the favorite animals of the hunters, and also hard to tame. In honor of Artemis' skill, they were sacrificed to her. Oineus and Adonis were both killed by Artemis' boar. Hawks were a favored bird of many of the gods, Artemis included.

As for the Guinea Fowl, Artemis felt pity for the Meleagrids as they mourned for their lost brother, Meleagor, so she transformed them into Guinea Fowl; to be her favorite animals.


* Her birth, immediately following which she assisted her mother in the birth of her twin brother Apollon.
* The Trojan War where she was beaten by Hera in an angry contest of the gods.
* The hunter Aktaion who encountered the goddess whilst she was bathing and was turned into a stag.
* The Aloadai giants who attempted to storm Olympos but were tricked by Artemis into killing each other.
* The sacrifice of Iphigeneia whom King Agamemnon offered to her for the passage of the Greek fleet to Troy.
* The giant Orion, a close companion of the goddess, who was slain by the goddess or her jealous brother;
* The Kalydonian boar sent by Artemis to ravage Kaldyon;
* The nymph Kallisto, a companion of Artemis, who was seduced by Zeus in the guise of the goddess.

Sources: Wikipedia, and Theoi

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