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Winter is almost upon us, and as we enter the cold and dark, we enter the realm of the Goddess, Skadi, the Norse Goddess of the Winter. Her name means shadow or shade. She is also the goddess of the Hunt who carries a bow, as well as the Snowshoeing Goddess. She is a giantess Goddess, a dark magician, whose father, Thiazi, was slain by the Gods for stealing the Goddess Idun (Gods Apples of Immortality). Skadi rules over the mountains, the wilderness, winter, revenge, knowledge, and justice. All of Scandinavia is named after this Goddess, and She is said to dwell high up in the snow-covered mountains.

Legend has it that Skadi armed Herself and and travelled to Asgard, intent on the revenge of Her father's death. The Gods were no match for Her and eventually made peace by reasoning with Her and allowing Her to pick a husband from all the gods of Asgard. Skadi was secretly in love with the most handsome of all the gods, Baldur. The only catch was that She could only choose a husband by their feet. Skadi was then blindfolded, and all the gods lined up. She intended to choose a mate simply by examining his legs...from the knees down...and when She found the strongest, She flung off her mask in excitement...thinking that She had chosen Baldur. But, indeed, to Her dismay, She had actually chosen the sea god, Njord.

So, She went off to live in the god's ocean, but She was miserable there. She wanted to live where Her father had lived. Her words, according to a famous eddic poem were, "I couldn't sleep a wink on the bed of the sea for the calling of the gulls and maws." The couple then tried moving to Skadi's mountain palace, Thrymheim, but now, the Njord was unhappy. Because the couple could not agree on where to live, they then tried switching houses every nine nights, but this didn't work out either. Eventually the couple split up, and Skadi took a new more suitable to Her lifestyle...Ullr, the god of skis.

Skadi is not an evil Goddess...nor is She a truly a Crone. But, She 'is' a winter goddess and as such, symbolizes the darkness. She symbolizes the many dark times we all go through. She also symbolizes the primordial womb for without the dark, there can be no light.

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