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Death is often seen as a lover in art. His skeletal embrace is often welcomed and to women subjects highly erotic. Although this may be the dance of life and death it can be something far more. Women may often feel a pull towards death simply because he is portrayed in the Western world as tall dark and handsome. Well, that may be the modern cause.

But the sad truth is to all to many women from the middle ages, heck from the start of time itself, he is a welcome lover. Far too many women under go abuse, sickness, and mistreatment from society. Death does not care for what the human world thinks and hence we know he will take us in his time.

Inviting or invoking him as a lover can be an understanding of this, or a call for help to the one being whose mercy is swift and endless. He is the dark knight that comes to rescue womankind and mankind as well who have been abused and forgotten by society.

Needless to say it has always been a bone of contention whether we humans may or may not choose to die, whatever the reason. Invoking death and having him appear shows that he the ultimate judge agrees our time is now.

This also poses the question if death will take you on as a lover, surely it must be for an eternity?
Of course the curious could try the astral realms, but be careful what you wish for.

That said hon, there are help lines for a reason. Ain't nothing worth dying over, trust me. Which is what death himself will always try to tell you. Life can be sweet, but we ourselves must make it so.

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